Rockbox and Digital Audio Players

In this post I will share an essay I wrote several years ago. Back when I used to drive, Rockbox was a godsend. I learned so much through that little device! But these days I consume much less audio content and I’m afraid I don’t often use the little Rockbox device anymore.

Nothing personal against audio. But for me, books and text are just easier to work with. So some of this may be out of date, but I’m sure the Rockbox project is still around. Check them out if you like the open source concept!

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Single Page Sites

So, how do I feel about this old essay now, several years later? I still think the “blog” format is overused, but I have also come to realize that the “single page site” is not quite the solution I’m looking for, either. One obvious reason is that HTTP/2 is actually usable now, so my complaints about prefetching are obsolete! I’m not really up to speed on it yet, but I believe you can now build a normal website with normal URLs and still achieve zero-latency local link handling using server push and the browser cache.

Another problem is mobile devices: I have finally started paying more attention to these, and I found that mobile browsers are much more likely to crash or behave strangely with the large documents that desktops handle with ease. And rather than building separate sites for mobile and desktop, I think it makes more sense to build something simple that works everywhere?

Anyway, I don’t have a good solution yet, so for now I’ve done what everyone else does and moved to WordPress.😛

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Why You Should Have Your Own Domain Name

Today I am moving another essay off of my website and placing it here in this blog (where it will surely be doomed to obscurity).

Do I still agree with this essay? Some of it, but not all of it. For example, I will admit that I do occasionally use an address sometimes for convenience. But this is risky: Google really does lock out accounts from time to time! I have seen this happen, and there is not always a good way to recover. I think it is a bigger risk for people who frequently travel or may unknowingly use computers that contain malware. So if that’s you, heads up!

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